Funds for Palermo schools: 600,000 euros for Garzilli, budget to be reviewed for Giusto Catania’s institute

Approved the 2022-2024 budget, 7.6 million went to schools (4 million foreseen in the framework agreement on the maintenance of school buildings, 3.3 million initially foreseen as an energy contribution to the Municipality which however had been covered by the institution and 300 thousand euros from the surplus).

These funds will be used to secure school buildings and institutes such as Garzilli, which received a substantial part of the allocation, breathe a sigh of relief. With 559,806 euros, the roofs can be redone and the forbidden floor of the Trinacria complex can be reopened. “We’ve needed it for a long time – says the head teacher Angela Mineo of the educational direction Nicolo Garzilli – . This sum will be used to urgently fix the roofs of the Trinacria complex. For safety reasons, the first floor of the building is currently closed and 1050 children take turns working double shifts. This is an emergency operation. If it hadn’t been like this, we wouldn’t have had this funding. We have been waiting for these renovations for a long time but there were always schools that got worse than ours. Now our turn has come. We will try to speed up the times as best as possible to bring back the 12 classes that are out of their classrooms at the moment “.

The headteacher of theGiuliana Saladino comprehensive school, Right Catania, after the good news of having seen the sum of 508,740 euros allocated for his school, he received a call from the Municipality inviting him to postpone his request because “probably there had been an error in the count and that was not the sum that he would receive”. “I’m bewildered – comments the headmaster Giusto Catania – In recent years we have made various requests and I thought that the sum had taken these into account. In the central plexus, urgent work is needed on the foundations of the building. We paid 5 thousand euros at our own expense for an immediate partial safety intervention so that the school would not run risks, pending decisive structural intervention. It is also necessary to solve the problem of infiltrations in the roofs in all 6 complexes and it is necessary to restore the flooring of the internal and external gyms. The gates that are falling apart and the railings around must also be replaced. To do all this we need a congruous intervention “.

atPoliteama comprehensive school 129,930 euros were awarded. “They will allow us to do maintenance work – explains the school principal Aurora Smoke -. We won’t be able to make the roofs or the eaves. We will use them for remodeling bathrooms and restoring walls where there is moisture. We are happy and we appreciate it very much, it is still a breath of fresh air. We hope that after this more serious interventions can come especially for the schools in the center, like ours, which are very dated. We need more demanding interventions with tenders, planning and technical skills”.

On the other hand, some schools have remained dry, even though they too had applied, such as theColozza-Bonfiglio institute but the principal Valeria Catalano, understands that the critical issues of the other institutes are more urgent. “The territory where our school is located, in via Imera, is at a high socio-cultural disadvantage – explains the school manager -. We had requested the replacement of the doors to the bathrooms and other rooms which were destroyed. There are probably schools that have far more serious and more serious problems than ours”.

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