From Vibo Valentia to Palermo with 6.5 kg of drugs in the car. Two couriers arrested


There State Police Zaccaria Saverio, 27 years old from Calabria and Fortuna Vincenzo, 41 years old, both resident in the province of Vibo Valentia, were arrested for the crime of illicit possession of drugs. Both were the occupants of a car in which over 6.5 kg of "pure" cocaine was found while traveling on the A / 19 motorway towards the capital of Palermo.

The arrest was carried out, in the act of a crime, by the policemen of the Mobile Squad with the help of the agents of the Traffic Police Subsection of Buonfornello.

The vehicle on which the Calabrians traveled was noticed by the agents of the Squadra Mobile, engaged in specific control services in civilian clothes and with owl cars, while passing near the Buonfornello motorway exit, keeping a suspicious pace and a speed not commensurate with the circumstances of time and place. The fact that the driver of the car had lingered excessively at the toll booth for the payment of the toll, probably hoping that in the meantime the traffic police patrol present nearby would also attract attention from the agents. With the help of colleagues from Polstrada, therefore, agents of the "Drug" section of the Mobile Squad they immediately blocked the car. To further suspect them, already in the phases of their identification, the particularly nervous attitude assumed by the driver and occupant of the vehicle and the implausible arguments provided regarding the reasons for their presence in that place.

In order to deepen the controls and considering it plausible that the car was carrying an illegal load, the vehicle and occupants were conducted to the Police Offices, where an accurate search of the car was carried out.

The police dogs "Asko" and "Ulla" also assisted the agents, who, already in the early stages of the control activities, repeatedly reported the presence of drugs on the vehicle.

On the basis of these indications, the police, investigating the research, discovered two rooms hidden under the front seats that opened through an artisan system of cables and a rudimentary handle hidden in the belt compartment. Inside the compartments, 7 sticks of pure cocaine were found, weighing about 6.5 kilograms. The drug, once "worked" and entered the retail market, would have made a figure close to one million euros.

In light of what has been ascertained, the two Calabrians were arrested and taken to the "Lorusso" District House in Pagliarelli.

The vehicle in which the heavy drug load was traveling, a Renault, was placed under seizure. Investigations are underway on the origin and final destination of the drug, evidently directed to the Palermo drug-dealing squares.

During another recent operation, the policemen of the Anti-Drug Section of the Mobile Squad intercepted Lucchese Giuseppe, a 20-year-old from Palermo from the area during the course of the Thousand who, despite his young age, has already had to deal with the justice and for that very reason, is known by the police. When the 20-year-old realized how concrete the occurrence of a police check was, he decided to discard a wrapping by throwing it on the ground. Of course the circumstance did not escape the agents who recovered it and found 58 grams, gross, of marijuana, packaged in 56 doses.

The drug was kidnapped and the young man arrested.

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