From via David Sassoli to largo Pietro Barbaro, the names of streets and places in the city change

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Not only the plaque for Giuni Russo in front of the music box.
From David Sassoli to Pietro Barbaro, there are several streets and places in the city that are about to change their name to be named after figures who have disappeared more or less recently.
There are six decisions, signed between 15 and 16 March, with which the mayor asks the Prefecture to change the toponymy of some spaces.

Via David Sassoli

To David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament in office until his death last January, Orlando, also at the request of a young Palermitan, Alessandro Salerno, proposed to name the current via RL29, from via Lanza di Scalea and from Rotonda Filippo Mignosi up to via San Lorenzo.

Via Norma Cossetto and Largo Pietro Barbaro

In the third district, after the motion presented by the city councilor Igor Gelarda, it will become via Norma Cossetto, a student who died in 1943, when she was 23, in a foiba, the current via OS 6, from via Santa Maria di Gesù, after the civic 3 / F, on via dell’Orsa Minore.
The space between via Francesco Crispi, between numbers 141 and 153, and the port, where the Customs Agency is located, will be dedicated to the shipowner Pietro Barbaro, at the request of Professor Marcello Saija.

Largo Eliodoro Sollima and Giulia Randazzo salon

On the proposal of his daughter Annamaria Sollima to Eliodoro Sollima, who died at 73 in 2000, pianist and composer, to whom the municipal theater of Marsala, his hometown is already dedicated, the stretch of via Castello next to the Conservatory will be entitled.
Finally, the hall of the former Church of San Matteo ai Crociferi, in via Torremuzza, will be assigned to the journalist Giulia Randazzo, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 53.

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