From the USA to Sambuca di Sicilia to help fleeing Ukrainians

He reached Sambuca di Sicilia, his family’s town of origin, to visit the “Casa del Fanciullo”, an orphanage built in the late 1950s thanks to fundraising organized in the United States by his grandfather Giorgio Leonardo, a pharmacist, and his brother Nicola , lawyer. Lisa Maggio, 58 years old, born and raised in New Jersey, had long wanted to visit that land of Sicily that she had heard of in the family, to discover her “her roots”. She sixteen months ago she did it for the first time. And her life has changed.

In a very short time, in fact, there were two more visits to Sambuca. Because after having seen and touched the «Casa del Fanciullo» wanted by her ancestors (today the structure has become an assisted health residence managed by the Ursuline Sisters), Lisa was totally fascinated by the beauty of the «Borgo dei borghi» and by the heart of its people, recovering every day a relationship that is no longer only ideal, but also physical, with those places that represent the history of his family. It was her great-grandparents, Giorgio and Margherita, who set off from Sambuca to disembark at Ellis Island. It was the year 1890. But if the gift of generosity can also be handed down in a family, more than 60 years after the construction of the «Casa del Fanciullo», Lisa’s most recent journey has turned into her willingness to concretely help a Ukrainian family fleeing the war, who arrived in Sambuca and remained here also thanks to the fact that Lisa Maggio is guaranteeing all the necessary help: not only food and lodging, but also medical expenses and even school supplies for Ele, a 3-year-old girl who has been attending the municipal kindergarten for a few days. An example of solidarity that is not isolated in Sambuca. In fact, 2 other Ukrainian families are still guests of local people. «All of this – says the deputy mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo – is happening at a time when the war in Ukraine shows no sign of ending, with millions of people who are now without electricity or water. Sambuca’s solidarity with the 3 Ukrainian families of our guests means, in our small way, giving shape to the colors of the flag of Peace».

«Just as Nicola and Giorgio Leonardo did more than 60 years ago, who collected and sent Sambuca the dollars needed to build the Casa del Fanciullo, (the lawyer reached Sambuca several times to verify that the construction works were proceeding regularly), today thanks to Lisa, the generosity of the Maggio family is once again crossing the Atlantic to reach out once again to those who need it most», adds Mayor Leo Ciaccio.

«In this period – says Giuseppe Cacioppo – Lisa Maggio is discovering all the family relationships, and she is doing it both here and in the United States. You told us that a big party is being planned to bring together all the descendants of the Maggio family, I think that what has been created is a beautiful bridge of affection and solidarity that will connect Sambuca with her children from overseas ».

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