From the Terzo Pilastro Foundation € 100,000 for families in difficulty in Syracuse

The Third Pillar Foundation – International has donated 100,000 euros to the Municipality of Syracuse with the charity purpose of distributing them in the coming months to families in economic difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The terms of the donation and the methods of distribution of the sum are contained in a memorandum of understanding which was signed by the mayor, Francesco Italia, and by the general director of the Foundation, Alessandra Taccone.

The Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale Foundation, which is based in Rome but also operates beyond national borders, is not new to these initiatives and during the health emergency has already donated 400,000 euros to Sicily which went in equal parts to Palermo. Trapani, Agrigento and Enna. Chaired by professor and lawyer Emmanuele FM Emanuele (the contact person for Sicily is Andrea Cusumano), the institution has always directed its philanthropic initiatives to the southern regions of the country and to the Maghreb, extending them to the Middle and Far East. In addition to assisting the weaker social classes, its priority fields of intervention are health, scientific research, education and training, art and culture.

In recent weeks the municipal council, with a resolution, had accepted the donation and approved the protocol then signed.

“We found ourselves faced with a gesture of great generosity – says the mayor of Italy – with respect to which the Executive unanimously expressed appreciation and gratitude. The economic emergency linked to the pandemic, as we say from the first day, is not second to the health one and the consequences have been discharged especially on those segments of the population already poorly protected from the start. We have known situations of real desperation and having the support of philanthropic organizations, or even of individual citizens, given the financial situation of the southern municipalities, helps us administrators to feel less disarmed ”.

“The attenuation of the health emergency, due to the progress of the vaccination campaign underway, highlights even more, if possible, the profound economic crisis resulting from the long periods of suspension of production activities that the pandemic has imposed on us up to a few weeks does. It is for this reason that the Terzo Pilastro Foundation – on my precise impulse – has decided to renew, by expanding its range of intervention, the measure of support for the weaker social classes. In Syracuse (as well as in other 6 municipalities of Sicily) we will guarantee, alongside local institutions and in full compliance with Article 118 of the Constitution, safe meals for individuals and families in difficulty, in the hope of being able to partially mitigate devastating effects that the collapse of the production system is having on our society. A dutiful act on the part of that private company, which has always been attentive to the needs of poor people, which the Foundation effectively represents “, declares the president of the Terzo Pilastro – International Foundation, Emmanuele FM Emanuele.

The memorandum of understanding provides that the Municipality distributes the 100,000 euros in the form of meal vouchers of 30 euros each and must do so within two months from the date of accreditation of the sum. Subsequently, the Municipality must submit to the Foundation a report on the number and social aspects of the people reached by the aid, on context data and on the conditions of hardship.

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