From the “Scintillone” of Kalsa to the bosses of the province, all walking around with the income in their pockets

The Citizenship Income is coveted across the board by everyone, including bosses, lace collectors and their relatives belonging not only to different clans of the city, but also to those of the province. For 24 of them, among the 145 involved in the investigation of the financial police, an emergency seizure was also triggered, ordered by the deputy prosecutor Sergio Demontis and by the substitute Andrea Fusco: a total of almost 70 thousand euros were frozen. Among those convicted of mafia and extortion who allegedly received debt, the subsidy stands out the name of the boss of Kalsa, Antonino Lauricella, aka “Scintillone”, but also that of Giuseppa Amato, which favored the inaction of the Pagliarelli boss Gianni Nicchi, and of Maria Vitale, daughter of the historic head of the Partinico clan, Leonardo.

The kidnappings were carried out by the soldiers of the Palermo Group, led by commander Alessandro Coscarelli, and by those of the second metropolitan operational nucleus of Palermo, coordinated by commander Filippo Giordano. The sums taken from the suspects for forgery and fraud against the state range between 213 euros and 10,400 euros. Under investigation, but not affected by kidnapping, there are also Vincenzo Vallelunga of the Carini clan e Michele Patti of the Resuttana-San Lorenzo clan.

The record of misappropriation of income is up to Salvatore Prestigiacomo, linked to the “super mandate” in which the families of Partinico and San Giuseppe Jato had converged for a phase and which would have pocketed 10,400 euros. Immediately after there are Salvatore La Puma, of Alcamo, and the “Sparkle” of Kalsa, which would have obtained 9 thousand and 7,126.67 euros respectively. Tommaso Sciacovelli, of the Altarello clan, would have instead pocketed 4,024.54 euros without being entitled to it, a little less, 4 thousand euros, would have ended up on the Maria Vitale.

Lower sums were seized from the other suspects: 3,471.54 euros a Giuseppa Amato, 2,450 euros ad Andrea Barone, convicted of thefts and robberies carried out to favor Cosa Nostra, 3,400 euros ad Alessandro Brigati, trusted man of the Vitale family and regent of the Partinico clan, € 1,363.89 a Domenico Caviglia, debt collector for the San Lorenzo clan at the time of Salvatore Lo Piccolo, 2,499.82 euros to a pretaname of the bosses, Salvatore Corrao, 3,320.32 euros to another debt collector, Alessandro Cutrona, 1,442.23 a Salvatore D’Anna, convicted of illegally managing the betting business, € 2,285.74 a Giuseppe Di Bella, affiliated with the Montelepre mafia family, 1,419.84 euros a Bartolo Genoa, regent of the district of Resuttana, 3,600 euros a Salvatore Gioeli of the Porta Nuova clan.

TO Rosario Rizzuto 3,597.32 euros were seized (he was convicted of extortion and involved in the “Perseo” maxiblitz which in December 2008 led to 98 arrests), 2,700 euros to Giovanni Rusticano, convicted of mafia following the “Nuovo Mandamento” operation, € 1,857.80 a Rosario Sgarlata of the Zen clan, 1,600 euros a Filippo Pagano, linked to the Resuttana clan, 1,800 BC Calogero Pillitteri of the Acquasanta clan.

More modest sums, which do not reach a thousand euros, have instead been deducted from Filippo Fiorellino of the Corso dei Mille clan (513.60 euros), a Francesco Li Candri, convicted of the extortion accrued in the “Bucatino” restaurant in via Principe di Villafranca against a transport company in Termini Imerese (415 euros), to Tommaso Militello Lace collector in the Corso dei Mille area, arrested in the second half of the nineties also on charges of having favored the inaction of the Brancaccio boss, Filippo Graviano (213.33 euros) and Francesco Sorrentino of the Monreale clan (769 euros).