“From the management of the pandemic to the safety of operators in the workplace: the commitment of the new Council for 2021”

CATANIA – An assembly held in the presence (at the Hotel Nettuno), participated by over 150 members of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Catania, after several postponements caused by the pandemic. A moment of confrontation to share the activities of the new Council in the last nine months (from the inauguration of last October to today) and to trace the guidelines for the near future in such a delicate moment for the category that, in the Etna capital, counts beyond 11 thousand subscribers. “Thanks to colleagues who have placed their trust in the work of this Council, following a long and troubled period that has seen alternating various commissioners – said the president Igo La Mantia at the beginning – the hope is that the path undertaken after the unpleasant events which, in spite of ourselves, have involved the Etna Order, may allow a fruitful collaboration with anyone who has an interest in participating in the life of the Order. I also want to underline that all the current Council of the Order of Doctors is in solidarity with the former president Diego Piazza, following the cancellation of the previous elections – which had not a few consequences for the Entity on a moral and economic level – then considered illegitimate by the Supreme Court. Also expressing the thoughts of the current Directors, I consider colleagues Diego Piazza, Francesca Catalano, Riccardo Castorina, Marco Barbanti, Federica Filosco and Giorgio Giannone how “Added” Councilors with whom to share programs in favor of the category “.

President La Mantia then paid great attention to the ongoing health emergency situation, always in constant evolution: “The OMCeO of Catania has been strongly committed to doing its part – he continued – collaborating at full speed with the institutions and ensuring the continuity of services: from the urgent registration of young doctors in simplified mode, to the remote activation of post-graduate internships, through the mapping of activities in smart mode, the continuation of disciplinary activities, training in Fad mode ” . And again, «we have forwarded the request, together with all the presidents of the Sicilian orders, for a legislative provision on the INPS circular that blocks retirement to retired vaccinating doctors, previously called to arms, now penalized for their availability. We also intervened on the subject of “green pass”Which is certainly an excellent solution which, however, must be accompanied by a certain timing of the third administration, especially for doctors and health professionals who must continue to work with serenity. Thanks to the administrative staff of the Order, coordinated by the secretary councilor Alfio Saggio and from Maurizio Vancheri, we have allowed over three thousand doctors to undergo the vaccination. In February of this year the death toll was 359 Italian doctors, but I fear, with pain, that the list today is to be updated. During the civil solemnity dedicated to health workers (20 February 21), together with all the regional presidents we wanted to pay homage to the missing doctors with a secular-religious event that ended with the naming of the chapel for fallen doctors and the blessing of a marble shrine at the headquarters of the OMCeO Palermo, with the names of all the colleagues of the Sicilian Region ».

In conclusion, Mantia thanked the board for the work done (the president of the Odontoiatri Register Gian Paolo Marcone; the vice president Ezio Campagna and the treasurer Elisa Battaglia), reiterating that the activities of 2021 will be focused on ethics and the protection of the profession: “The Body is strongly committed to the prevention of acts of violence, to guarantee the safety of health workers, asking for new resources to adapt structures and principals. Violence indicates the vulnerability of the system, which not only deteriorates the working conditions of the operators but also the quality of health services ». Last act of the report, the update on the story of the new headquarters of the Order: “We reactivated the agreement with Dicar – concluded La Mantia – in order to have a technical opinion on the opportunity to restructure or sell the office purchased in 2016, simultaneously launching an expression of interest through the Cev (European Consortium of Evaluations of Verona) , which with great transparency will examine the existence of any buyers. Only after the acquisition of both opinions, the Council will propose to the assembly possible ways to take ».

The assembly ended with the vote on the final budget 2020 (approved by all with one vote against) and the budget 2021 (approved unanimously).


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