From the Canaries to Sicily with no return

A trap that Sicilians willingly fall into: pretending to understand Sicily before understanding themselves. (Gesualdo Bufalino)

The Canary duo, formed by Paola Mirabella and Andrea Pulcini, has a close relationship with the imaginary of the island. You can already guess from the name with which they decided to call their project and their debut album of 2019, Sad tropics, does nothing but confirm it. Last April it came out Imaginary, pt. 1, the band’s second album, in which the fascination for these seaside lands remains embedded in their music, in an even more evocative and romantic way.

In Imaginary, pt. 1 we find 8 tracks that explore sentimental relationships, where each story that is told moves between dream and reality. An album in which love is expressed in moments of light-hearted and elegant pop immersed in melancholy, with some passage that approaches the psychedelia of Tame Impala. Intense, layered tracks, full of ideas and suggestions that go beyond simple pop. Paola and Andrea, to tell their album, have associated each trace with a Sicilian island, to further enrich their jagged musical archipelago.

The cover of Immaginari, pt. 1 - graphics by Gianluigi Toccafondo
The cover of Immaginari, pt. 1 – graphics by Gianluigi Toccafondo

Rebel cadres – Stromboli

The beginning of Imaginary it is entrusted to a rebellious ballad like that volcano that refuses to exhale the last lava flow and surrender to the immobility of the island. Stromboli, called Land of God in the splendid film by Roberto Rossellini, it is a land of final balances that each of us makes of our existence and deposits in a cassette player. An island that enchants, caressed by mellotron winds that console and earthquakes that cast shadows on its future. Land of awareness and courageous actions, such as Ingrid Bergman’s escape in the film’s finale.

Broth – Linosa

The shearwater nests in this splendid black pearl of the Pelagie islands, a bird that in winter can stay in the sea for weeks without touching the ground. Its nostalgic song, similar to that of a child, inspired the myth of the mermaids. A ‘cursed nostalgia’ to sing out loud as a liberating refrain so as not to go crazy with boredom and loneliness. Better to stay together, stop and stare at the cobwebs and ask yourself ‘what to eat while the heart is moving’. Maybe lentils in broth which, coincidentally, are grown on the island.

Topexan – Lampedusa

A narcotic and monochromatic ballad where to set the first adolescent loves nestled in the songs of Baglioni, inside coves that hide wonderful beaches that Modugno also loved to look at at sunset, in their blue painted blue. Topexan it contains an anxiety of having to change that melts into a cathartic ending, like the hope of those who have been trying for years to cross the imaginary (and often cruel) bridge between Europe and North Africa.

Italian summer – Sicily

An unprecedented orgy of colors, scents, flavors and lights; ideal habitat to spend the Italian summer par excellence. It is easy to be happy in Sicily, but as someone said, it is an operation that requires a biological and cultural adaptation: ‘we must learn to live time in the Sicilian way’, which like that of the passage in question is syncopated, full of traditions and civilization, with some historical arrhythmias and Antarctic silence that must be swallowed without chewing too much.

Cyclops – Lachea Island

The largest of the islands of the Cyclops, eroded by the action of the waves and the mood of the sea; for this jagged, angular, austere and rock. Detached from the earth just enough to observe your body from afar. Like a dip into another dream dimension, out of time, to understand something more of our interior.

Basmati – Salina

To write your own Dear Diary – some scenes of Moretti’s film were shot on the island – on personal love affairs, you need a fertile place, rich in food and wine flavors such as capers or malvasia that can give new character to a sad dish of basmati rice. We need poetry, a cinema surrounded by the sea to spend the last innocent escapes before the last breath. ‘Come and get a front row seat with me’.

Universe – Pantelleria

A universe in the Mediterranean, unique for its landscape, where volcanoes, natural saunas and sulphurous waters meet as associative thoughts on the relationship between man and the complex container of planets that in some way influences our destinies. A place in which to immerse yourself in arpeggiators, winds, drum machines, dammusi and even freshwater lakes (the so-called Mirror of Venus), to which you can ask ‘if it will be hot or rain in the afterlife’.

Vultures – Street lamp

To Vultures the closing of the first part of Imaginary. It is the heartbreaking story of a relationship that fails to end before the two lovers devour each other’s carcasses like birds of prey. According to legend, Lampione was originally a boulder that escaped from the hands of a Cyclops. After an incurable rift from the mainland, his fate is now adrift. Today it is a large uninhabited rock and the only sign of human presence is an automatic lighthouse, which will continue to be illuminated in memory of a love, before the waves overwhelm it to return to ‘become sea’.

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