From naturalistic paths to future projects, the 100-year anniversary of the Piana degli Albanesi dam.

Created to provide electricity to the city of Palermo, the Piana degli Albanesi dam and lake are now shining with their own light. The beautiful natural oasis, populated by many species of birds and reptiles, is celebrating its centenary and, for the occasion, the municipal administration led by Mayor Rosario Petta has presented a series of events aimed at promoting the territory. The calendar includes an exhibition opening and presentation of initiatives at Palazzo Manzone, a mountain bike tour of the lake, a visit to the dam, and walking and cycling tours. The lake of Piana is a unique place, and its waters are becoming increasingly valuable for Palermo and the entire region. The dam not only provides drinking water for the capital and irrigation for the Conca d’Oro, but it also supports the electrical system by powering a pumping station that ensures the safety of the Sicilian electrical system. Additionally, a sport project has been introduced for the lake, aiming to attract national sailing and rowing federations and make it an attraction for athletes across Italy.

Dai percorsi naturalistici ai progetti per il futuro, i 100 anni della diga di Piana degli Albanesi

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