From Naples to Catania to steal cancer drugs, three arrests

Three people of Campania origin were arrested by the State Police because they were considered among the perpetrators of a theft of highly valuable cancer medicines that took place in Catania on 23 June last. The arrests were made on December 19 but were only disclosed this morning. The Naples Flying Squad contributed to the operation.

The arrested are Antonio Ferlito, 66, Arturo De Rosa, 56, and Armando Strino, 61. The agents, at the disposal of the District Attorney of Catania, carried out an order issued by the Gip of Catania in relation to the crime of aggravated theft in competition. According to what has been ascertained, the criminals would have made use of a local baseman who would have offered them logistical support from the moment of their arrival in the Etna capital until their departure from Catania.

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