From Montaperto and Giardina to Calcarelle? Students “forced” to stop in piazzale Rosselli and always late

Coming from Montaperto and Giardina Gallotti to Contrada Calcarelle? A sort of nightmare, experienced daily by the pupils of the educational institutions – these are high schools – which arise right in Calcarelle. Students who, in these first days, systematically arrived in class at 8.30, but the time of entry is set at 8. In fact, therefore, not only inconvenience to get to Calcarelle, but also delays – unacceptable – in starting to follow school lessons. To try to stop the difficulties of local public transport, are the parents who, in shifts, with the car, accompany their children to Calcarelle. However, the protest is inevitable because in 2021 this is not the case – it cannot be so – which should work in what is a provincial capital.

“There are two buses, in the morning, that cover the Montaperto and Giardina Gallotti route. Two means that from the two peripheral districts descend to Piazzale Rosselli. At the terminal, our children are forced to take and pay for another bus which, passing by Quadrivio Spinasanta, takes them to Calcarelle. Not only are the children forced to pay for two rides – explained one of the parents of the students from Montaperto – but they have the discomfort of having to stop in piazzale Rosselli to take another bus that reaches Calcarelle at 8.10 or 8.15. Another 10 minutes are then needed to get to the school attended. They arrive therefore late. It was like this last year and it is like this again this year “- underlined the forced parent, together with others, to have to replace a public transport service that does not correspond to the needs of user-students -. In Montaperto, therefore, there are parents who “load” their cars with students every day and take them to Calcarelle. “Already last year, the first since my daughter attends high school, I tried to raise the problem. But I have not had any answer – urged the Agrigento -. The solution is simple, you just need common sense. in the specific case, it deals with establishing new routes. There are two buses that go up in the morning to Montaperto and Giardina Gallotti, one large and one a little smaller. you directly connect the two suburban hamlets with Calcarelle. In this way, there would be no inconvenience of having to get off at Piazzale Rosselli, take another bus and pay for it and they would not arrive late “. “In other Italian realities, not so far from ours, with a ticket you can, by taking the right bus, cross half the city. For an hour and a half you can stay on the vehicle with the same ticket – explained the parent who he is by now tired of having to passively accept this situation -. In Agrigento this is not the case, our children are forced to buy two tickets for as many buses and they arrive, in fact, even after hours “. The parents of the students of Montaperto and Giardina Gallotti ask the authorities for “help”. “Until now we have witnessed and accepted the insensitivity to the needs of our children who have to go to school and not for a walk – he stressed -. Last year I wrote to Tua, but I never got any answer. “There was no intervention by the local administrators. Where are the mayor and the municipal councilor for public transport? Are Montaperto and Giardina Gallotti districts of Agrigento or do they belong to another municipality? In addition to high school pupils there are also children who go to the Quadrivio elementary school. This is why I speak of ‘common sense’ in the organization of transport, because it is the same company – concluded the Agrigento – that loses its collection of tickets. But this is their problem. only a public service that works and meets the needs of about 10 or 15 students, in addition to those who attend elementary schools “. The people of Agrigento ask, should local administrators continue to remain unarmed, for the intervention of the prefect Maria Rita Cocciufa.

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