From July from Fontanarossa to Milan with Ita you fly without documents

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Ita Airwaysin collaboration with Sac Spathe company that manages theCatania airporthas started the experimentation phase of the “Face boarding” in the Etna port.

From next July, all passengers on the Catania-Milan flight, after checking-in, will be able to go to the “land side” of the departures area to use the Reco welcome-Kiosk facial recognition machine that will allow them to associate the face to the electronic identity document and boarding pass.
This way you can easily and quickly pass through security checks and gate procedures, without having to show your documents or boarding pass at any other time.

The “Face boarding” provides for the integration of computer vision and video analysis techniques to implement biometric verification and identification scenarios, based on “face recognition”, capable of analyzing in real time the faces of travelers who pass through the various security checkpoints up to the boarding gate of Catania airport, in “hands free” mode.

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News from Sicily 2022-06-29 13:16:00

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