From five to three euros, reduced parking rates at the “Scoglio” stadium

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 18:28

Share The rates for the parking of the “Franco Scoglio” stadium have been reshaped on the occasion of the next Serie C football championship match scheduled for Wednesday 29 September at 17:30 between Messina and Bari. For parking, entrusted to Atm Spa, the coupon of the cars will cost 3 euros (against the previous 5 euros), that of the mopeds 1 euro. The parking will be regulated by the employees of the Messina transport company who will undertake to facilitate the parking of vehicles for the event, avoiding crowds and queues. Atm will also provide a free shuttle service reserved for fans. The vehicles will leave from the San Filippo junction and will stop near the stadium from 3.30 pm and from 7.00 pm they will accompany users towards Strada Statale 114. The councilor cinquestelle Argento had intervened on the cost of the stadium parking lots.

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