From Corleone to the silent network, the mafia 30 years after massacres

(ANSA) – ROME, 09 DEC – V.SCOTTI, R.BENINI, S.STICCA, G.TARTAGLIA POLCINI, FROM CORLEONE TO THE SILENT NETWORK (Eurilink University Press, pp.116, 20 euros). From blood to ‘white collars’, from glaring attacks to silent crimes: 30 years after the season of massacres, the mafia’s shedding of skin, which Giovanni Falcone had also spoken of in one of his last reflections, has now had its completion , in Italy as well as abroad. This is the theme explored in the book “From Corleone to the silent network”, published by Eurilink University Press and written by Vincenzo Scotti, Minister of the Interior at the time of the massacres, with Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini, Silvia Sticca and Romano Benini. The volume, a few months after the sentences of the appeal process on the negotiation, returns with Scotti’s words on what happened in the past, in particular on the frontal war against the mafia and on how a political party at the time opposed this strategy in favor of a sort of “pax mafiosa”, also to avoid massacres and violence against the civilian population. The goal is to decipher a present in which the mafia phenomenon has indeed changed its modality by becoming silent, but no less capable of threatening institutions and democracy: demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt, the mafia today has close relations with the public power , with the world of business, procurement and finance. For this reason it is all the more necessary, according to the authors, for Italy to face decisively the review of the rules of contrast to this new organized underground and market-based crime, which is strengthened by the permanently infiltrated corruptive economic power. .