From Cinisi to Brescia: Maddalina’s red shoes in support of women victims of violence

On the occasion of the International Day on November 25 dedicated to violence against women, the cultural association Clio di Cinisi sent a package to Brescia, containing about a hundred handcrafted red shoes made with wool and knitting needles. These shoes will be added to others from all over Italy and made by different associations and organizations sensitive to the issue of gender violence, as part of the “Le scarpette rosse di Maddalina” initiative, which will take place in the squares of Brescia and Bergamo on November 25 and 26. The proceeds will support anti-violence activities.

This is a social project of inclusive craftsmanship, carried out for several years by the Maddalina association in Brescia, to support the integration of women victims of violence into the workforce. The association was founded in August 2014, by President Elisabetta Fabbri and a group of female friends, to support the pediatric oncology department of the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna. Thanks to the proceeds from events and initiatives, the association has been able to support projects dedicated to pediatric oncology research, the construction of an orphanage in Hyderabad (India), the purchase of first aid vehicles for the earthquake in Abruzzo, and much more.

“Collaborating with Elisabetta Fabbri and her group is a great experience and demonstrates that solidarity and the desire to help others knows no territorial boundaries. This warm red thread of wool has united us in an urgent and necessary battle that we want to undertake alongside men, to promote respect and civil coexistence,” said Clio President Maria Anastasi.

Da Cinisi in volo verso Brescia: Le scarpette rosse di Maddalina a sostegno delle donne vittime di violenza

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