From Catania to Tunisia, she returns by boat

The judge in Catania declared himself incompetent for territorial jurisdiction in a case involving a young woman of Tunisian descent who returned to Sicily to be with her mother. The woman, who was born and raised in Catania, had been forced to return to Tunisia by her father after disputes with her mother. Once she turned 18, she attempted to return to Italy to live with her mother but was unable to obtain the necessary permits. She decided to pay traffickers to bring her back on a boat, but shortly after her arrival in Pantelleria, an expulsion decree was issued. The young woman appealed the decision, but the judge declared himself incompetent due to jurisdiction, stating that she was rooted in Trapani. Her lawyer argued that she is a native of Catania and has always lived there, except when her father forced her to return to Tunisia. The lawyer emphasized that this case should be considered under the “ius soli” citizenship principle, as the young woman’s parents had moved to Catania in 2000 with legal visas and permits. The lawyer explained that the young woman’s father clandestinely took her to Tunisia against her mother’s wishes, and she was unable to return to Italy without his consent. Since turning 18, she had been trying to obtain the necessary permits to return to Catania and be with her mother but was unsuccessful. She ultimately paid a large sum of money to take a crowded rubber boat back to Sicily. The young woman’s mother, who has maintained contact with her through visits to Tunisia and sending money, has always supported her daughter’s desire to return to her birth city. The mother also has three minor children, born in Catania, who are Italian citizens and live with her.

Nata a Catania ritorna dalla Tunisia in barcone

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