From Caruso to Nevskij Prospect, from Piazza Grande to the White Flag, here is the Cure of the Sicilian Lyric Choir at the Greek Theater of Syracuse

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Battiato & Dalla Tribute inaugurates the Opera Festival of the Stone Theaters on July 22 at the Teatro del Colle Temenite: the program


The great debut of the Opera Festival of the Stone Theaters 2022 is approaching, which, now in its fourth year of activity, presents itself with an extraordinary edition focused on “The Awakening”: a real “trade union” between beauty, art and spirit.

For the opening night, next July 22nd at 9pmthe Sicilian opera body offers an exclusive event at the magical and unique setting of the Greek Theater of Syracuse: BEATEN & BY THE TRIBUTE – Opera of contamination between pop and lyric – a journey into the musical and poetic universe of Franco Battiato and Lucio Dalla.

The lyric choir promoting the event continues in this real work of innovation by dedicating the opening gala to the sublime melodies created by the two great artists whose history is inextricably linked to Sicily and which will be reinterpreted in a singular acoustic key with echoing resonances to classical, popular and pop thanks to the compositions of Ruben Micieli and Corrado Neri.

A rich musical marathon will be experienced among the millenary rocks of Arezzo with a program focused on the most famous, but also more intimate and spiritual musical production of Battiato and Dalla: Nevskij Prospect, Signs of Life, The animal, Parallel roads, Testament, Poor homeland, The shadow of light, The era of the white boar, Stranizza d’amuri, White flag, Cucurucu, La Cura, Permanent center of gravity, I want to see you dance will be the songs to pay homage to the mystical and universal art of the famous songwriter from Etna; 4/3/1943, Canzone, Anna and Marco, Caruso, Attenti al Lupo, Piazza grande, The coming year, How deep is the sea, Futura, Tu never enough for me will, however, be the soundtracks with which the genius Dalla has imprinted his memory in the eternal history of the song.

The Festival will continue in the cavea of ​​the Aretuseo Theater on 23 July with the Grand Gala of Dance by the Milan Ballet “Carla Fracci Memorial”, on 31 July with a tribute to soprano Renata Tebaldi, to her sublime voice, to the amazement of singing.
, to the suggestion of Melodrama through the “principles” of opera, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, who have always praised love and beauty and on August 6 with “Carmen”, the sanguine and very popular drama by Georges Bizet, for the first time at the Greek Theater of Syracuse.

The campaign “The Sicilian Lyric Choir embraces Syracuse” is also back for the 2022 season, providing special price tickets for the residents of the city of Arezzo and the province.
Furthermore, thanks to the synergy with the prestigious “Rinascente” company, the holders of the “Rinascente Card” will be able to take advantage of reductions on all the shows scheduled in the theaters of Syracuse, Taormina and Tindari.

Tickets available online and at Tickettando, TicketOne, Box Office Sicilia, Cps Music points of sale


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