Friend invites him to drink at home, robs him and asks for a bribe

He invites a friend to have a drink at his house in Trapani and then suggests that he stay and sleep. He gratefully accepts, but the next day he could no longer find his wallet, which contained 550 euros in cash, the credit card, the residence permit and various documents and the electric bicycle that he had parked in the entrance of the house. The next day, his friend, 27, from Trapani, calls him and tells him that he has returned his credit card and residence permit in exchange for 60 euros. The victim, a 25-year-old foreigner, reports everything to the carabinieri of Trapani who, during a search of the 27-year-old’s home, recovered the documents that were the object of the theft and the wallet, but not the money or even the bicycle. An analysis of the list of transactions drawn by the credit card also revealed that a fun transaction had been carried out for the purchase of food, alcohol and clothes. The 27-year-old was then reported for aggravated theft, attempted extortion and improper use of a credit card (ANSA).

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