French hiker saved by alpine rescue in Lo Zingaro

The Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue technicians from the Palermo station intervened in the late morning to recover a hiker who had been involved in an accident in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. The woman, a 50-year-old French hiker, slipped on the coastal path near the Manna Museum and suffered a suspected ankle sprain. As she was unable to continue, her husband alerted the emergency services by calling the emergency number 112, but provided inaccurate directions. The 118 emergency center requested the intervention of the alpine rescue, which arrived with two teams. The Sass technicians encountered some difficulties in locating the exact location of the family but ultimately managed to find them. After immobilizing the ankle, the teams loaded the woman onto a special “Lecco” stretcher equipped with a central wheel, particularly suitable for handling rugged terrain, and transported her by hand for over two kilometers to the Scopello entrance, where an ambulance from the 118 service was waiting. The staff of the Reserve also collaborated during the intervention.

Escursionista francese salvata dal soccorso alpino allo Zingaro

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