Freemasonry, war and splits A new lodge is born

TERMINI IMERESE (PA). Sicilian Freemasonry is experiencing a moment of intense fibrillation. After the news of having left the Grand Orient of Italy, the Giordano Bruno Lodge has sent a note where it marks the birth of a new independent lodge completely outside the mechanisms of the Goi. "The Venerable Master and the ten brothers masters of the Giordano Bruno lodge of Termini Imerese – the press release states – after making known in recent days the desire to leave the Grand Orient of Italy (GOI), whose Giunta, taking refuge behind a inexplicable silence, he had not publicly distanced himself from the facts of the judicial inquiry that last summer had led to the arrest of a Venerable Master and a former MV of two Sicilian lodges belonging to the Goi for mafia crimes communicate of …

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