Free bus for those who pay taxes, Orlando's surprise proposal to be exported to other Sicilian cities


Are you a model citizen and always pay municipal taxes or are you a former tax-evader who declares himself and starts paying municipal taxes without having been discovered? You are entitled to a prize. You can travel free on Palermo buses.

It is the 'crazy idea' of mayor Leoluca Orlando that aims to bring out the evasion that is very high in the city and, at the same time, to focus on urban transport, perhaps leaving more cars at home than it is possible to do with it ' stop with the ztl.

An idea that could be tried out in Palermo but then exported to other big cities as free public transport tickets are already distributed in the difference collection centers, for example. In short, the bus ticket seems the prize for everything.

The idea was launched on the sidelines of a meeting with …

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