Francesco Rappa from Borgetto solves extortion conflicts in New York

Phone interceptions have played a fundamental role in exposing the still-existing alliance between the Sicilian mafia and their American cousins, highlighting the central role of 81-year-old Francesco Rappa. Rappa, who was arrested in New York in 1971 for smuggling 82 kilos of heroin from Genoa, has resumed his influential position within the Borgetto mafia family after serving three sentences. He has maintained ties with mafia figures such as the Gambinos in New York, where his son, Vito Gabriele, is believed to be affiliated with the criminal organization. Phone interceptions in Italian and Sicilian dialect have revealed Rappa’s power, with conversations from December 2020 showing his ability to intervene on behalf of the American associates, using his emissaries for extortion-related matters. The conversations also confirm Rappa’s role in resolving a situation involving an American businessman who did not want to honor his agreements. The exchanges reflect Rappa’s high standing and his use of an unidentified emissary to resolve the issue. This confirms his intervention to set things right, as evidenced in another conversation dated December 23, 2020. The victim had contacted Vicari to pay the agreed amount, highlighting Rappa’s influential role in resolving the situation.

Da Borgetto Francesco Rappa risolveva i conflitti per le estorsioni a New York: «La parola di tuo padre è quella giusta»

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