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Francesco Cappello from Palermo at the Sibs congress

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On Wednesday 6 April, the Rector of the University of Turin, Stefano Geuna, will open the proceedings of the 94th National Congress of the SIBS, one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian scientific societies, of which Palermo has been President for some years.
Francesco CappelloProfessor of Histology at the University of the Sicilian capital.

Approximately 300 people enrolled in the Congress, but a few thousand researchers who will be able to remotely attend the work, given the recent adhesion of SIBS to the Italian Federation of Life Sciences (FISV) which brings together 20 scientific societies with a total parterre of almost 10,000 associated researchers.

Ten scientific sessions (from Neuroscience to COVID-19, from oncology to nanovesicles, etc.), 130 oral communications and posters, 35 prizes up for grabs for young researchers, three master’s readings by as many Italian scientists permanently engaged abroad: these the main numbers of the Congress, to which two Satellite Symposia will be added, one on Food of the future and sustainability, to be held at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and one of the International Group of Psychopathology, chaired by Massimo Cocchinow in its eleventh edition, which will award, among other things, the “Kary Mulllis” Prize to a famous developmental biologist from Boston.

“Also this year we have important numbers” specifies Francesco Cappello “and I congratulate Marina Boido and Corrado Calì who, under the supervision of Alessandro Vercelli, organized a Congress with a high scientific weight but at very low costs, to encourage maximum participation of young people.
The SIBS has been the gateway to the world of scientific research in Italy for many decades and our intention is to bring it back to its former glory as soon as possible.
We are already on the right track ”adds Cappello.

During the Shareholders’ Meeting, a contribution will be approved for mobility grants in favor of young Ukrainian doctoral students who – due to the war – want to move to Italy to attend workshops in Italian university departments for six months or a year.
“We also entered into an agreement with the University of Palermo and the Department of Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics, as well as with Rotary and the Regional Body for the Right to Education: Ukrainian students who choose to come to the Sicilian capital will have virtually all costs paid, including travel, food, lodging and research consumables.
We are trying to close other agreements with other Italian universities, we hope that the war will end soon but the reconstruction could be long and we too want to give our small contribution to the Ukrainian population, in particular to the young researchers of that formidable land ”concludes Cappello.