Francesca writes about the inconvenience while waiting for the vaccine at the Oratorio San Michele in Erice png

I am a teacher who on Saturday 27 February underwent the administration of the anti Covid vaccine, at the Oratorio San Michele in Erice. My reservation was scheduled for the time slot between 4pm and 5pm.

Of course this was not the case !!! But regardless of the 4 hours late, the thing that most struck me was seeing so many grandparents, over 80, who had to receive the first dose of the vaccine at 11 am and who instead had to wait until 16, with all the inconveniences. that there may be at that age.

For health workers, teachers and eighty-year-olds there were two stations, with as many tired doctors who administer vaccines from 8 in the morning. Apart from praising those in the front row who are fighting this fight against an invisible enemy with so much effort, I allow myself to express my opinion from an organizational point of view, and I put myself in the shoes of those elderly people who have had a very hard day. Perhaps more spaces would be needed for vaccination centers, also to avoid yesterday’s gathering.