Four pushers arrested in two different operations


The police of the Contrasto section to the widespread crime of the Flying Squad proceeded to arrest the Palermo citizens: Santo La Vecchia and Giovanni Plado, aged 18 and 19, stopped in the "Ballarò" district and by Giuseppe Brancatelli and Nazareno Davide La Corte respectively 37 and 24 years, instead blocked in via Ludovico Ariosto.

In the first circumstance, the “Falchi”, in the Ballarò district, noticed, around 3.00 pm, the presence of two young people, Santo La Vecchia and Giovanni Plado, faces known to them for previous episodes of drug dealing, intent on dialogue between their. Suspicious by their presence there, the agents reached a favorable point of observation, so as not to be noticed; from there they were able to document various drug transfers: from time to time some young people arrived, who, after approaching the two suspects and exchanging with them …

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