Four debits on the credit card from a foreign website: 1,700 euros volatilized

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 08:05

Share He receives not one, not two, but four SMS from his bank’s customer service on his cell phone. At 11.05 pm, the credit institution that had issued him the Mastercard, informed him that four charges had been made from a foreign website: one from 117 euros, a second from 387 euros and the last two from 496 and 695 euros. The money that, suddenly and without doing anything, disappeared from the credit card of a forty-two year old from Canicattì, head of a health facility, amounted to a total of 1,695 euros. An online fraud, yet another – but also of a certain economic value – which is registered in the province. Between anger and disbelief, the forty-two-year-old has nothing left to do but go to the police station and formalize a complaint against unknown persons. The man has, in fact, denied those payments that were made with his credit card. The policemen, as always happens in these cases, have collected as many elements as possible and have started investigations to try to identify who, hiding behind that foreign website, has raided the credit card of the Canicattinese, manager of a health facility. The investigations, of course, do not look straightforward at all. It will take some time to try to reach a turning point. As always, the agents of the Canicattì police station have already sent the dossier made, with the report of the victim of the fraud, to the Postal Police of Palermo. It will be up to them to take care of the checks on the web to establish, where possible, who – using that foreign website – manages to take away, from unsuspecting citizens, even very important figures.

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