Found in a pool of blood, the 53-year-old dies in hospital: perhaps the victim of an assault

He had a conspicuous head wound and some chest injuries that would lead investigators to follow the trail of a violent assault. Yellow about the death of a 53-year-old, Neculai Lemba, who died at the Civico after five days of hospitalization. The victim, a Romanian homeless, was found in a pool of blood on the night of July 16 in Viale dei Picciotti. The carabinieri have started investigations to clarify who or what caused the death of the man, but at the point where the 118 staff was rescued there are no cameras nor, until now, witnesses have been found.

The elements acquired by the carabinieri of the operative unit of the company in piazza Verdi are still few in order to be able to reconstruct the last hours of Lemba’s life. His phone records are also being examined. The 53-year-old’s daughter authorized the donation of organs but the prosecutor ordered the removal only for those not relevant to the investigation. It seems that the man was hit in the head and chest, enough to report a cerebral hemorrhage and other delicate lung lesions. Further details could come thanks to the autopsy scheduled for Saturday. In the place where the attack that would have caused the death of Lemba took place last Friday (photo archive), investigators have identified some traces of blood on which investigations are underway. Investigators are therefore scrutinizing all the access lists in the various emergency rooms in the city to clarify whether anyone showed up at the hospital that night with injuries that could connect him with Lamba’s tragic end.

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