Foss, protest before the New Year’s concert. Schifani: «We will find solutions»

The trade unions Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom Uil and Fials Cisal have called a demonstration for 1 January, in front of the Teatro Politeama in Palermo, before the start of the New Year’s concert, scheduled to start at 6 pm, to express their disagreement with the management of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation. The workers are demanding the immediate resignation of the commissioner, the superintendent, and the artistic director, urging those in charge to restore the statutory bodies.

“We have once again been forced to acknowledge that there is no more room for negotiation with the governance of the Foundation – explain the unions – the extraordinary commissioner, the superintendent and the artistic director, not only have they not been able to manage the fundamental processes for the development of the Foundation but have long since lost all contact with the real life of the orchestra. In two years of receivership, no energy has been expended to create the conditions to provide the entire Foundation with a stable and complete organic plan, which would open the door to the stabilization of the many historical precarious workers and give due recognition to those who have been carrying out inadequate tasks for years at their levels. The second level contract has now expired for years and also in this case no progress has been made. Contracts of only 5 months were offered to precarious personnel, while others were offered contracts with unfair terms, all seasoned with a climate of confusion and continuous changes of direction, we had suggested alternative solutions but no one listened to us. A forecast budget has been approved – they underline – where everything is invested except in the staff of the foundation, and without there having been any prior discussion at least on the issues concerning the trade union organisations. The extraordinary commissioner has appointed two superintendents whose functions he was supposed to absorb with the consequent and considerable economic burden for the Foundation. The current Superintendent was appointed without the Foundation launching a public tender. The artistic director promoted the activities that had a direct impact on his person: he took over the direction of two concerts in the season and directed two of the recordings made by the orchestra between June and September. In the face of a concert season costing almost two million euros, there has been no substantial increase in audience. Since he took office (almost two years) no tour has been carried out and no project has been started for young people “, conclude the trade union acronyms.

Schifani: «We will face management problems»

«In these hours I have learned, through the councilor for entertainment, of the inconveniences and reasons for the protest undertaken by the workers of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation. It is my intention to open an interlocution with the top management of Foss and with the trade unions to concretely address the problems afflicting this cultural institution of high lineage and which gives prestige to the Sicilian artistic world. I undertake to look for possible solutions, compatibly with existing regulations and resources». This was stated by the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani,

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