Forza Italia’s regional assessor Falcone speaks out: “Cuffariani on the list? We don’t need help”

The recent Forza Italia convention is highlighting the party’s effort to engage with various sectors of society and the state, including the judiciary. Marco Falcone, a prominent member in Sicily, emphasized the party’s commitment to justice and punishment for wrongdoing, as well as its goal of modernizing the administrative system. He also discussed the party’s focus on supporting businesses and reducing taxes, and its potential for achieving 10-15% of the vote. In addition, he highlighted the regional government’s budget proposal, which aims to strengthen municipalities, support innovation and businesses, address job insecurity, and improve public services. He also emphasized his commitment to supporting and collaborating with entrepreneurs in Sicily. As for his future role, he stated that it would depend on the party’s goals and the potential for him to contribute to Forza Italia.

Forza Italia, parla l’assessore regionale Falcone: «Cuffariani in lista? Non siamo noi ad avere bisogno di aiuto»

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