Forza Italia, new agreement with Giuseppe Picone who officially enters the party

Editorial team 04 September 2021 11:29

A long-time politician arrives to strengthen the ranks of Forza Italia: it is Giuseppe Picone, former councilor and provincial councilor of Agrigento during the D’Orsi legislature, municipal councilor in Agrigento during the Firetto legislature and councilor in Porto Empedocle for three legislatures, also with positions as group leader. Picone, an official of the Region, joined Forza Italia recognizing himself in the political positions of the deputy regional coordinator Riccardo Gallo. “I am thrilled – he said – to embark on a new political path with Forza Italia and with my friend Riccardo Gallo. I believe that Forza Italia represents today the best choice between the left and sovereignists, because it is a moderate political force, capable of administering the territory from the side and with the citizens, towards the goal of social and economic development “. “We welcome Giuseppe Picone’s entry into the Forza Italia house with satisfaction, sure – say Gallo, the provincial commissioner of the Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo party and the regional councilor Marco Zambuto – who will make his intense experience of politician and administrator, ensuring constant and fruitful contact between citizens and the party, and promoting requests and projects aimed at the progress of the territory “.

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