Fortitudo Agrigento beats Latina and wins second race in a row


Rapid, beautiful and fierce: it is a Fortitudo Agrigento that applauds the one that beat Latina. The biancazzurri coached by coach Cagnardi won and convinced winning with a score of 91 to 71.

A game, probably, never questioned. Agrigento dominated and brought home key points.

In the game, Fortitudo Agrigento starts off on the right foot, leaving no room for Latina incursions. The biancazzurri open the points with a super Lorenzo Ambrosin, his baskets of immediate advantage. Latina makes space with Musso and Pepper, but Agrigento is "furious" and goes to the basket still to the basket. The biancazzurri close the first period in the lead, a star of the first quarter is Ambrosin, author of 13 points.

In the second period of the game it is still the Fortitudo Agrigento to leave little space, Ancellotti tries to shake his but the biancazzurri rely on young shoulders …

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