Former ROS commander Antonio Subranni dies, Gasparri criticizes: “Someone must be ashamed”

The article is about the recent passing of General Antonio Subranni, a prominent figure involved in the fight against organized crime in Italy. Various politicians and officials from Forza Italia, a political party, expressed their condolences and highlighted Subranni’s integrity and dedication to his work. They also criticized the judiciary process that Subranni had to endure, stating that he was ultimately acquitted after facing unjust accusations. The article also includes statements from regional leaders in Sicily, praising Subranni for his contributions to the fight against the mafia. Overall, the article pays tribute to General Subranni and his legacy of fighting against organized crime.

È morto l’ex comandante del Ros Antonio Subranni, Gasparri polemico: «Qualcuno deve piangere di vergogna»

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