Former provinces. Cerami confirmed extraordinary Commissioner in Trapani

With a special presidential decree, the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci confirmed Dr. Raimondo Cerami as extraordinary commissioner of the Free Consortium of Municipalities of Trapani, until next September 15th.

The dr. Cerami therefore expects to be able to define in this further period of time until the deadline, the initiatives launched to achieve the strategic objectives set for the development of the provincial territory.

The first fruits of numerous collaboration agreements that have been launched in the field of traffic between the LCC of Trapani and the Sicilian Region and its peripheral technical offices (Civil Engineers of Trapani) for the management of regional funding (Pact for the South, APQ) to which ministerial funding (so-called MIT) and the contributions referred to in paragraph 883 of law no, 145/2018, which concern a five-year programming of interventions on many roads in the province and on school buildings managed directly by the LCC of Trapani.
Regarding traffic, the following must be remembered:

  • the new collaboration agreement relating to extraordinary maintenance work to improve the trafficability of the SP. 21, signed by the LCC of Trapani together with the competent regional Department and three of the
    Municipalities concerned (Marsala, Trapani and Paceco), soon to be joined by that of Misiliscemi;
  • the collaboration agreement currently being finalized between the LCC of Trapani and the Municipality of Marsala, relating to some road sections of the SP. 84. In the field of school building it has been possible to make the best use of some
    public funding to acquire the seismic vulnerability checks of almost all the school buildings in the province, which will be followed shortly by a series of interventions to make schools safer and recover some productive investments that will lead over time to further reduce costs for rents passive for the Entity.

Meanwhile, dr. Cerami has proceeded to approve, albeit with the powers of the Executive, the multi-year budget 2021-2023, despite the fact that the term – with Legislative Decree no. 56 of 30.04.2021 – has been further deferred to 31 May 2021. The approval of this financial instrument, together with the annexes, preparatory to the Financial Statements, will allow the LCC of Trapani to invest in 2021 investments equal to € 57,626,651.80 with a positive impact on the whole provincial territory.

The policy of rationalizing the body’s real estate assets will also continue, including through their enhancement and / or the sale of some of the assets. Among these, the following initiatives deserve to be mentioned:

  • the multi-year concession of the Provincial Polisportivo Stadium, whose procedure open to public competition is in progress;
  • the enhancement of Villino Nasi with adjoining chapel and garden, which will soon be arranged and which, thanks to the experimental collaboration with some cultural associations operating in Trapani, can be reused through initiatives proposed by the Associations according to a calendar of events that will allow the reopening of a site of great tourist attraction as early as July 2021, compatibly with the evolution of anti-Covid measures. In memory of Nunzio Nasi, the Pepoli Museum will organize, together with the LCC of Trapani, an exhibition entitled “Nunzio Nasi and his time” which will be available at the Pepoli Museum in Trapani from 15 June to 15 September 2021;
  • the enhancement of the building in via San Francesco so-called “Ex Carcere -Vicaria, whose multi-year concession notice was the subject of a public tender close to expiry;
  • the enhancement of the building called “State Archive” which was the subject of a project to re-functionalize the spaces to be used as an archive, and which could be used for the offices of the Civil Engineers of Trapani, the Court of Trapani and the LCC himself.

The initiatives just mentioned are some of the most important ones that are waiting to come to a conclusion soon, but the commitment of dr. Cerami also remains to reorganize the administrative machinery of the Entity, first of all resolving in a definitive way the problem of the precarious staff of the LCC which, like the other bodies of the Sicilian vast area, has also been deprived for too long of the recruitment capacity to the point not to have any manager in service.