Former Provinces, appointments of extraordinary commissioners extended

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 19:40

Share The President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, signed, on the proposal of the Regional Councilor for Local Autonomies Marco Zambuto, the measures for the extension of the offices of the following extraordinary commissioners of the former Provinces. As for the Metropolitan Cities, Salvatore Currao in Palermo and Francesca Paola Gargano in Catania have been confirmed. In Metropolitan Cities the commissioners have the powers of the Council, since the functions of metropolitan mayor and president of the Metropolitan City Conference are exercised by the mayors of the capitals. The six Free Consortia have been extended: Vincenzo Raffo (Agrigento), Duilio Alongi (Caltanissetta), Girolamo Di Fazio (Enna), Salvatore Piazza (Ragusa), Domenico Percolla (Syracuse) and Raimondo Cerami (Trapani). Here the commissioners exercise the functions of both the President and the Council.

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