Former members of the Ragusa Iacp board of directors sentenced to compensate 60 thousand euros

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The judges of the jurisdictional section of the Court of Auditors for the Sicilian Region chaired by Giuseppe Maneggio have sentenced the former members of the board of directors of the Iacp of Ragusa to compensate the body for about 60 thousand euros.

The story revolves around a dispute that arose after the appointment for one year of the general manager Giuseppe Digrandi in 2011.
According to the law, the public administration can confer managerial positions for not less than three years.
Hence the request for compensation from Digrandi which ended with the payment in his favor by the institution of 86 thousand euros.
For the accounting attorney, the payment of the sum to the manager represents tax damage.
Hence the sentence of compensation of the board of directors of the time.
“The first instance labor judge, on the one hand, – reads the sentence – highlighted the mandatory nature of the rule of the minimum three-year term of managerial positions and on the other hand, argued in fact on the non-existence of those requirements exceptional and temporary objections by the Iacp of Ragusa in the trial defense, consisting in the initiation and conclusion of the procedures to permanently cover the aforementioned managerial position with a permanent manager.

The labor judge, therefore, affirmed the imperative and binding nature of the law 165/2001 on the minimum three-year duration of managerial positions, to be applied also in the Sicilian regional system ».
They were convicted Giovanni Cultrera to compensate 12 thousand and 334 euros, Antonino Blandizzi5 thousand and 391 euros, Sebastiano Caggia6 thousand and 934 euros, Giuseppe Castagna5 thousand and 391 euros, Adriana Lo Monaco6 thousand and 943 euros, Mario Marino5 thousand and 391 euros, Salvatore Scala5 thousand and 391 euros, Giovanni Scudaretti, 12 thousand and 334 euros.


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