Former judge Saguto in the courtroom with the blue diary. The prosecutor: «It's not scary»


CALTANISSETTA – "The prosecution claims that with this blue agenda I want to claim that they are all guilty, but I have shown it to prove that I am innocent". So the former president of the prevention measures section Silvana Saguto defended himself in the courtroom in Caltanissetta, during his spontaneous declarations made before the start of the indictment, referring to the agenda on which the ex judge, barred from the judiciary, retained the business cards of colleagues who had indicated the names of people to be appointed as judicial administrators, other people who could therefore be part of the so-called "magic circle" created by the former regent of the section of the Palermo Court.

The defendant did not deem it necessary to deliver the agenda, as instead urged the prosecutor Maurizio Bonaccorso, protagonist of a heated dispute with the defender of Saguto. Saguto showed that agenda for a long time during the 40 minutes of spontaneous declarations but in the end, despite the repeated request of the prosecutor Maurizio Bonaccorso, he did not file it in the file. "I stick to what my defender says – he said – and if he tells me not to hand it over I won't do it."

There are 15 defendants in the trial, involved in various ways in the investigation concerning the most discussed section of the Palermo court. Under accusation, in addition to Silvana Saguto, former president of the Prevention Measures section of the Court of Palermo that the CSM has removed from the judiciary, there are the father, Vittorio Saguto, the husband Lorenzo Caramma and the son Emanuele, the judicial administrators Gaetano Cappellano Seminara , Walter Virga, Aulo Gigante and Nicola Santangelo, the colonel of Dia Rosolino Nasca, the university teachers Roberto Di Maria and Carmelo Provenzano, the wife and collaborator of Provenzano, Maria Ingrao and Calogera Manta, the ex prefect of Palermo Francesca Cannizzo, the former judge of the prevention measures section Lorenzo Chiaramonte. The accused are accused of having managed the assets confiscated from the mafia in a casual manner.

«Several times – continued Saguto – I had contested to have been the architect of measures. The judicial measures are divided into three. I didn't have any unwary people next to me. Did all the people who carried a resume have an interest in naming them considering that we were screening them in three? I motivated the decrees, they were full-bodied ».

"It happened to me once to appoint a new expert: a boy – he recalled -, who according to what I was told that expertise did not know how to do. And therefore informally I have appointed another person. What we looked at was the general good performance and in any case in the maximum transparency. My measures are all motivated. The one who never motivated was Dr. Claudia Rosini. Those were almost monochromatic. Although Rosini stands and says she is sorry for the work we were doing, her husband had three jobs. He stayed until I left. "

After the spontaneous statements of the former judge, The prosecution of the prosecutor Maurizio Bonaccorso has begun, who spoke of an office – the section of Prevention measures of the Court of Palermo – "transformed into an employment office", of "judicial administrators who have had predatory behavior", of " public officials who have done irreparable and incalculable damage to the image of the administration of justice ". According to Bonaccorso "this process has been defined, with an unhappy expression, the trial of the anti-mafia. Nothing more wrong. This is a trial against public officials, magistrates, judicial administrators, lawyers, who have exploited their important role ».

According to Bonaccorso "Magistrates have no reason to be terrified of the content of Silvana Saguto's agenda, which he brought to court today". "Someone insinuated in a shameful way – says Bonaccorso – that after Dr. Saguto stirred the agenda, this process changed. You just have to be ashamed who said this. The process has not changed and cannot change. " And he added: "I would have preferred that the agenda was filed today for remembrance, but this was not the case. It would have been more elegant than shaking her … »he said.

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