Former Commissioner of the Terme di Sciacca acquitted, now the Region must compensate him

The Court of Appeal of Palermo has sentenced the regional council for productive activities, tourism, and entertainment to compensate Maria Brisciana for legal expenses related to two criminal proceedings in which she was acquitted by the court of Sciacca. Maria Brasciana, a woman in her sixties from Ribera, was appointed as the commissioner of the autonomous company Terme di Sciacca in 2011 and was involved in two criminal proceedings that ended with one acquittal and the other being archived by the judge of the Sciacca court. She appealed to the court to obtain legal expenses and was assisted by lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Daniele Piazza. The lawyers argued that regional laws ensured legal assistance and reimbursement of expenses for employees involved in criminal proceedings related to their official duties, including public administrators like Maria Brisciana. The ruling illustrates the Terme di Sciacca in question.

Ex commissario delle Terme di Sciacca assolto, ora la Regione dovrà risarcirlo

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