Forest worker dies in Palermo, Cgil: “Work organization needs review”

The death of the forest worker Calogero Raccuglia from Torretta has shocked the union. He is the third forest worker to die in work accidents in Sicily in a few months. Dario Fazzese, general secretary of the Flai Cgil Palermo union, expressed the union’s anger at the tragic incidents and offered condolences to Raccuglia’s family. Raccugglia, 66, was injured on October 21st in a fall at a construction site in Palermo. The union calls for a review of work safety and the organization of work. They note that forest workers are typically employed for only 3-5 months a year. The death of Raccuglia is another sad example of work-related tragedies. In November 2023, Italy saw 41 work-related deaths, bringing the total for the year to 1071. Sicily had 69 deaths. This grim data underscores the urgent need for improved work safety.

L’operaio forestale morto a Palermo, la Cgil: «L’organizzazione del lavoro è da rivedere»

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