Foreigner caught stealing in a house, takes car keys and drives away with the car

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Two young foreigners, seen for the first time in a car, raised suspicion in a police patrol of the Carabinieri of Giarre while passing through Pio La Torre street in Riposto. The police officers decided to proceed with a check, ordering the driver to pull over. However, the driver, instead of stopping, increased speed, endangering the safety of other road users. After turning around and activating sirens and flashing lights, the police officers chased the car, a Citroen C4 Picasso, whose occupants, upon being caught up, got out of the car, abandoned it, and fled on foot.

Although very young, the two individuals, aged 22 and 24 respectively, were unable to run fast enough to avoid being caught by the police, who apprehended them. Investigations revealed that the car had been stolen shortly before in Acireale from a forty-year-old, who had left it locked in the condominium courtyard.

The investigation carried out by the police patrol revealed that at least one of the two young men had entered the forty-year-old’s house by breaking a window, stealing not only some items, including a video camera and binoculars, but also the keys to the Citroen, in which he was later stopped along with his compatriot.

The two were arrested by the Carabinieri for burglary, car theft, and resisting a public official and handed over to the judicial authority, which, in the validation hearing, ordered only the 24-year-old to present himself to the judicial police as a precautionary measure.

Riposto, straniero ruba in una casa, prende le chiavi dell’auto e porta via anche quella

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