for the denomination ‘Sicily’ it will be necessary ok Regione PALERMO

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PALERMO, 01 JUL It will not be possible to use the name “Sicily” for trademarks without the consent of the Sicilian Region, which is entitled to the protection and rights of that name.
The decision of the Musumeci government took concrete form with the definition by the regional department of productive activities of the guidelines for the issuance of the geographical denomination Sicily.
In application of the national reference standard, the Region thus provides itself with a regulation for the issue, upon request, of the “Sicily” trademark according to specific criteria and objective parameters.
The guidelines define the administrative procedure to be followed for the subsequent registration of the trademark by the competent state office and, moreover, identify the parameters for the evaluation of the requests by private individuals and the issue of consent to use.
“The need for a Sicily trademark also arises from the numerous requests received by the regional department of productive activities, explains Turano from private companies asking for authorization to use this denomination in their trademark, following the refusal by part of the “Patents and Trademarks” office of the General Direction for the Protection of Property of the Mise.
The Musumeci government has thus decided to overcome this impasse and define the guidelines for granting the use of the Sicily trademark.
A strong and recognizable trademark that, at the ‘abroad as in the national territory, is a source of growth and development not only in terms of the region’s visibility, but also in terms of exports and marketing ».
The consent may be issued not exclusively, but only as an additional part and in association with a trademark of the applicant.
To obtain the Sicily brand it is necessary to be the owner of a company based in the Sicilian territory, to market products and services directly connected to the reality of the island, of which they represent the qualities, culture and identity.
The ability to convey a positive image of Sicily will always be decisive for the positive evaluation.

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