For Serena Marchese “Amici” ends in the semifinals. The Syracuse dancer leaves the Canale5 show

“I already won by crossing that door three months ago.” So Serena Marchese during the episode of Amici 21 aired last night, Saturday 8 May on Canale 5, when the rise of the young Syracusan dancer was interrupted. His television experience ended one step away from the final.

An evening full of emotions for the seven semi-finalists and a turning point for the judges who decided who to get to the last episode as well as the final of the program.

Even during last night’s episode, the judges kept the point of their choices. For this Serena, already during the first challenge with Giulia and Alessandro, did not receive any votes, unlike her two opponents.

Even during the second challenge with Alessandro, Serena’s performance was overshadowed by the light show and the skill of the dancer who received the favor of all three judges, leaving the Syracusan with a dry mouth.

With the comparative challenge between Alessandro and Serena, it was the dancer who won the unanimity of the votes with a creative choreography that amazed all the judges for its irony and character.

Challenge after challenge, Serena has shown all her talent, also confirmed by the teacher Alessandra Celentano who strongly wanted her within the school and who bet everything on Serena bringing her to the Evening, which has attested all her esteem towards the young dancer inviting her to dance “with your head held high“.

After a long course of studies that began when she was a child, the years in the theater and the continuous study, for Serena the adventure at Amici, so sweaty after four years of trying, ended one step away from the final but she herself affirms to have already achieved a great victory: “I won when I crossed that threshold three months ago ”.

Martina Grimaldi

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