For San Sebastiano altolà to the neo-melodic: «Only religious initiatives in Acireale»


ACIREALE – The reactions are not long in coming, on the alleged performance of the neo-melodic singer Gianni Vezzosi scheduled during the celebrations in honor of San Sebastiano on 20 January.

Yesterday the prefect of Catania, Claudio Sammartino, held a meeting with the mayor of Acireale, the dean of the Basilica of San Sebastiano, the commissioner, the provincial commanders of carabinieri and finance guard, to ensure a peaceful and correct execution of the celebrations, both in terms of safety and security . «After a thorough examination of the information also provided by the Police Forces, the municipal administration and the organizers – reads the note from the prefecture – were invited to implement the appropriate organizational measures in order to guarantee the orderly conduct of the celebrations in collaboration with the police that will ensure, as usual, careful, rigorous and punctual supervision and control from the point of view of public order, not allowing behavior or initiatives that could go beyond the religious characteristics of the celebrations ".

Reactions also from the political world: «If the engagement of a singer were to answer the truth to recite a fake" Ave Maria "to celebrate the return home of a mafia prisoner – reads the note sent by the regional deputy Nicola D'Agostino – we would be in front of yet another attempt to exploit a religious holiday by criminals. Meanwhile, the Curia and the organizers – concludes the note – activate the right controls and antibodies. If a challenge has been launched by those who live in mafia arrogance, civil society claims to win it in the name of legality ".

Social media also spared no comments: "Whoever is truly devoted cannot be an accomplice to this massacre, the feast of San Sebastiano is a religious and penitential feast". And who replies "The problem is not the neo-melodic singer, it is the fans of the genre and the context".

However, these are hard times for neo-melodic singers. Monica Forte, president of the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission and regional councilor of the M5S Lombardia, blocked two concerts from Abbiategrasso that should have been held without authorization, namely those of "Niko" Pandetta, grandson of the Catania boss Salvatore "Turi" Cappello, and Filippo Zuccaro, aka "Andrea Zeta", son of the boss Maurizio Zuccaro, exponent of the Santapaola-Ercolano gang.

The concerts were announced for March 7 and November 7 in the municipal area of ​​the Teatro Fiera "despite the fact that the Municipality of Abbiategrasso has never granted the space" said Monica Forte. "It is unthinkable – he added – that messages that praise the Mafia are hosted in public spaces or that songs dedicated to Camorra players are widespread. The only messages that the institutions have the duty to convey are for legality, for the values ​​that unite us against the mafias and for supporting victims. Precisely for this reason I confronted the Mayor of Abbiategrasso who, in addition to confirming that there is no green light to the use of the spaces, agrees on the total inopportunity of the two concerts in that place. Events that praise the mafias or linked to the world of organized crime must always find firm opposition in the democratic institutions and on this I feel I can give my full solidarity to all citizens and associations that have contacted me in recent days on the issue, moved by deep indignation and rightly waiting for a firm stand ».

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«Only religious initiatives in Acireale»
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