Football is a girls’ game: Palermo’s message on Women’s Day

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“Football is a game for girls”. The message from Palermo launched on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day. 100 girls from schools in Palermo were involved “who enjoyed football-themed games and recreational sports activities, coordinated by coaches and managers of Palermo Women,” as stated on the club’s website.

The event took place in Piazza Magione and was attended by Palermo’s managers, the Youth Policies Assessor of the Municipality of Palermo Fabrizio Ferrandelli, the president of the regional FIGC Sandro Morgana, and the Regional Coordinator of physical education and sports education of the regional school office Giovanni Caramazza.

The goal is to promote inclusion and break down gender stereotypes. A strong and clear message sent by Palermo FC, the National Amateur League of Sicily, the Municipality of Palermo with the Sports Department, and the Regional School Office. With simple and genuine ingredients: a ball rolling in a public place, with constructive and fun games.

«Il calcio è un gioco da ragazze»: il messaggio del Palermo nella giornata delle donne

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