Food poisoning affects 70 Milazzo students on a trip to Puglia

Over seventy students and teachers have reported feeling unwell while on a school trip in Puglia, between Fasano and Alberobello: severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and stomach aches. This happened to the students of the Industrial Technical Institute of Milazzo. Several of them were treated by 118 doctors, while some had to be transferred to the emergency room.
The cause of the illness is believed to be the food served to the students and teachers, particularly the chicken on the menu. Some students have had to receive intravenous therapy to detoxify. The school has informed the authorities and the Carabinieri’s Nas group is investigating the facility that served the food to the students. It has not yet been decided whether the group will return, to allow for the students to improve their health conditions before facing the journey.

Intossicazione alimentare per 70 studenti milazzesi in gita in Puglia

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