Food collection in Palermo supermarkets, volunteers help those in need with more than just food, offering support and listening.

Today, Saturday, November 18th, is the National Food Collection Day. In many supermarkets that have joined the initiative, from 9 am to 9 pm, volunteers from associations and parishes, affiliated with the Food Bank, will collect essential food items to help families in need, inviting shoppers to donate something to those in difficulty. They can be recognized by their orange vests and the Food Bank label on the boxes containing the food items. Among the most requested products are oil, canned legumes, milk, pasta, tomato sauce, and baby food. The goal is to raise awareness in civil society about the problem of poverty, calling attention to the concepts of sharing and charity. Volunteers highlight the need for not only material but also moral support for those in need. They aim to provide not only food but also opportunities for employment to improve and change people’s lives.

Colletta alimentare nei supermercati di Palermo, i volontari: «Non solo cibo, aiutiamo chi soffre anche con l’ascolto»

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