Fondi del Pnrr, green light for the tourism district project for three municipalities in the Agrigento area

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Two and a half million euros for the municipalities of the Valle dei Templi tourist district, Santa Elisabetta and Joppolo Giancaxio, leader of Sant’Angelo Muxaro.

This is the amount of the funding relating to the tender of 20 December last year, linked to the “Attractiveness of historic villages” investment of the Pnrr.
Objective of the intervention: the cultural and social regeneration of small historic villages and, more precisely, the “regeneration of small cultural sites, cultural, religious and rural heritage”.

“We learned with satisfaction from the official communication that the project, in which we collaborated as the Valle dei Templi Tourist District, was approved and financed for 2,559,203.38 with a score of 72.
We are confident that this intervention will contribute to the tourist development of the territory – comments the administrator of the tourist district, Fabrizio La Gaipa -.
An applause also goes to the Municipality of San Biagio Platani which, like Sant’Angelo Muxaro, has already expressed interest in joining the DMO by supporting the Costa del Mito project “.

News from Sicily 2022-06-24 21:26:00

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