“Flow increased by 30 liters per second”

Drafting 14 September 2021 12:41

Share Much of the province of Agrigento should suffer less from water shortages. This is assured – with a note – by Siciliacque engaged in upgrading works throughout the region to tackle the water crisis. The works concern the drilling of new wells and the modernization of existing ones, the improvement of water withdrawal systems from the reservoirs, the reconstruction and enhancement of the lifting stations and the efficiency of the pipelines in synergy with the area managers . With the level of the Fanaco reservoir at an all-time low, in agreement with the Ati of Agrigento, Siciliacque also took care of the city of temples and a large part of the provincial territory. In particular, a “twin well” was drilled in the Favara di Burgio well field, which will increase the water flow rate in the municipalities of the coastal strip of Agrigento, the provincial capital included, by a further 30 liters per second. well – declares Siciliacqua – was built in record time and will come into operation as soon as the necessary authorizations are defined which, thanks to discussions with the Ati and the Civil Engineering Department of Agrigento, should arrive in a short time “.

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