Flashmob dell’Asi in all the squares of Italy: #losportmeritarispetto

Even in Agrigento yesterday the protest of the basic amateur sport took place asking for reopening and refreshments.

On the initiative of the ASI Provincial Committee (Sports and Social Associations), the flashmob that ASI is bringing to all the squares of Italy through the hashtag #losportmeritarispetto took place this morning in the city of temples.

A delegation of managers and athletes from the province of Agrigento adhering to the sports promotion body, gathered in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, in front of the headquarters of the Prefecture, to denounce the strong state of discomfort that Italian amateur sport continues to face and with it the malaise of those who work in this world.

The Associations, but also the individual sports centers, which in these months of the pandemic have carried out expensive interventions to ensure the safety of practitioners and instructors, are asking for reopening to give citizens the desire to carry out physical activity and thousands of people the opportunity return to work.
The same twenty-meter banner that is making the tour of Italy was displayed in front of the headquarters of the Prefecture of the City of the Temples. The President of the Provincial Committee of Agrigento Mario Cucchiara and the Vice President of the Regional Committee of Sicily Nadia Noto lead the awareness raising initiative: “Sport is work, physical, social and cultural growth – said the two managers – amateurism is in the our country is the basis of the sporting movement and for this reason we deserve respect and attention, more than has been done to date ”.

The ASI Provincial Committee of Agrigento has about 70 affiliated sports and cultural associations in the province and has been a beautiful reality for some years in disciplines such as Football, Karate, Sports Dance, Tennis, Padel, Cycling, Professional Driving Simulators and also a tool for disseminating social and cultural initiatives.

The Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Agrigento, Costantino Ciulla, also took part in the flash mob in Agrigento: “Full solidarity with the world of grassroots sport – said the Administrator – today is a courageous initiative that deserves great respect. We are close as a local institution to the whole world of amateur sport which in Italy is fully part of the production sectors. It is absurd to see amateur and amateur sport at a standstill or almost despite having adopted all the required safety measures, even in the orange or yellow areas, and at the same time to see crowded buses ”.

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