Flag Trapanese: two notices published for the implementation of the local action plan

The Flag Trapanese has proceeded to publish two public notices aimed at acquiring expressions of interest from economic operators who will have the task of supporting the Torri e tonnare Foundation of the Trapani coast in the implementation activities of the local action plan.

The notices published specifically concern:
1) Assignment of services for the implementation of the engineering action of local tourist itineraries of taste.
The action pursues the aim of supporting the engineering activities of local taste itineraries in order to equip the reference area of ​​the FLAG with circuits aimed at enhancing the territory, through the systemization of the beauties of the artistic-cultural heritage with the local food and wine excellences.
With this notice, Flag Trapani intends to acquire the following lots of services:
Lot 1) Implementation of the online platform, through the creation of new online services aimed at promoting and making the main tourist attractions of the Trapani area more accessible to the visitor, also making them available for their booking and subsequent use.
The amount of the service is determined in Euro 22,100.00 including VAT.

Lot 2) Territorial animation and creation of tourist packages for the whole FLAG territory, in order to equip the reference area with circuits aimed at enhancing the territory by putting together the beauties of the artistic-cultural heritage with local food and wine excellences .

The amount of the service is determined in Euro 33,800.00 including VAT.
Both activities relating to the indicated lots must be completed by 30/09/2021 (unless extended).
For more details and to download the related documentation, please refer to the Flag Trapanese website:
2) Entrusting the support service for the use of training events aimed at fishermen.
The support to the Foundation by the selected subject must be provided with reference to the organization and provision of:

  • Nr. 4 itinerant Road Shows at the Flag marinas, aimed at presenting the contents of the training courses aimed at fishing operators.
  • Cycle of informative seminars, for a total of no. 12 days, to be enjoyed online and which will focus on the issues of the fishing sector and the blue economy:
    1) The functioning of home-based fish sales services;
    2) The possibilities for diversification of fishing activities: fishing tourism, fishing tourism and aquaculture;
    3) The creation of Local Groups for the collective purchase of household fish;
    4) The function of the Collective Brands: Our Mare brand – Fished from local seafarers;
    5) Role of traceability procedures for the conferment of new value to the fish;
    6) Fish species and their commercial value;
    7) Marine protected areas and opportunities for the development of fishing;
    8) Management of the spacing on board. Regulations to be respected;
    9) Regulations governing the direct sale of fish;
    10) Indications for 2021-2027 programming: Enhancement, sustainability, protection of the Sea and Blue economy;
    The service will last no less than 4 months and must end no later than 31/10/2021. The amount of the service is determined in Euro 44,557.38.
    For more details and to download the relevant documentation, please refer to the Flag Trapanese website:
    The tasks, object of the expressions of interest indicated above, must be carried out by working groups composed of professionals with requirements in line with what is indicated in the individual tender specifications, published together with the notices; in particular, to support training activities, the candidate must be registered in the list of training bodies accredited by the Sicilian Region.
    Economic operators interested in participating will be able to send requests for participation, according to the indications provided by the individual notices published, up to 13.00 on 6 May 2021 exclusively by certified email, to the following address: gactrapani@pec.it.
    Any requests for clarification, with reference to both notices, can be forwarded up to the fifth day before the deadline, to direzione@flagtrapanese.it.

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