five councilors distrust President Orlando

The municipal councilors Rosalia Viviana Lo Monaco, Antonino Randazzo, Concetta Amella, Fabrizio Ferrandelli and Valentina Caputo say “no” to the sessions exclusively in the presence of the Sala delle Tombidi and distrust the president Totò Orlando, guilty of having summoned the classroom despite the state of emergency due to Covid is in effect until next December 31st.

In the 13 pages of formal notice, also sent to the mayor Orlando and the general secretary Le Donne, the five councilors contest the revocation – starting today – of the provision of 24 March 2020, with which the number of Sala delle Tombidi had introduced the connection online in videoconference via a telematic platform. “What is most surprising is that the convocation in the presence of the municipal councilors was carried out despite Sicily (the only region in Italy) being relocated to the yellow zone”. So write Lo Monaco, Randazzo, Amella, Ferrandelli and Caputo, according to which the “revocation of the provision is absolutely devoid of motivation”. The councilors push for a convocation of the Chamber in mixed mode until “the health emergency is over” and threaten to “activate the substitute control and inspection procedure provided for by regional law (with the request of a commissioner from the Department of Local Autonomies) , should President Orlando confirm the exclusive call in attendance. Totò Orlando, however, goes straight: “The Dpcm – he explains – gives me the right and not the obligation to call the session remotely, derogating from the regulation. In revoking the previous provision, I am not required to give reasons. In fact – adds the president of the Advice – so far the sessions have been in mixed mode. There are too many needs to face and when the children go back to school, it seemed right to convene in attendance. Among other things, we have a risk document, endorsed by a technical, in which it is written in black and white that the premises are suitable and can accommodate councilors, councilors and municipal staff. In the rest of Italy there are municipal councils that have been meeting in attendance for a year “.

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